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10 reasons why participation in activities is essential to learning

Updated: May 14, 2021

Sometimes quitting is not easy, but most of the times it is. In case of learning, when we are trying to better ourselves, it is important to choose the less easier way, that is participating. No one can deny that whether it's a team activity, a hands-on session, a workshop by an expert or a networking event, it is important to participate. I have tried to break down the positives into quantifiable bits and put them out here, at least 10 of the most important ones

  1. Thoughts are weightless, action pulls the world about you- Participation means action, and action is work done. So it is better than the thought of participating

  2. New activities break monotony- Often participation brings about a new wave of energy as it is something we were not used to, that is the reason in the first place we were thinking of not doing it as it is something new that our brain wasn't totally used to. Fresh things create new neuron connections in brain and that is good for it

  3. Nothing has taught me more than meeting people- Most of the time participation in some activity brings about a change to meet people, may be virtually of lately. But human interaction is what we crave for as we are the social animals, aren't we! Participation in a networking event is one of the best way to get you closer to other people, with whom there is at-least one thing you have common to discuss about i.e. the event itself.

  4. You think you have a peach of a thought, well why don't you try and bounce it off the wall in front of you- Any atom of a thought, unless it is tested, is of no use other than crowding your brain with junk. So in an activity when you participate, you get an opportunity to act on the things that you have thought of, thus relieving a lot of stress on your mind. Activity is the best medicine for troubled mind

  5. You try and win that is great, you try and you fail that is better- Always have this clarity that participating and not wining is only a tiny little bit less than wining.

  6. Learning comes out of experiences and experiences come from participating

  7. Feedback is as important as eating food, both help you to grow- When you participate, there are high chances that you will be getting either a direct or an indirect feedback from the turn of events that happen.

  8. Success spells as T-E-A-M - Active participation helps you learn team work through cooperation towards securing a common goal

  9. Team participation also improves critical and higher level thinking skills, as often you get to know more than one way of doing things

  10. Time, organizational skills and self confidence are boosted by participating in events and activities

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