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At Schobal English, we’ve been committed to improving the way our students learn. Whether it’s simplifying our lessons or bridging the gap between education and learners, we do everything possible to create the best learning environment for our students. Our one-of-a-kind Online teaching system provides the appropriate resources and personalization to maximize learning capabilities on a flexible time-frame.

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BBC Learning English

Private video

These 55 mini-lessons from BBC Learning English will instantly boost your English grammar and vocabulary - and help you on your way to speaking English fluently and confidently! 0:00 5 ways to use ‘actually’ 0:52 How to use (to be) ‘used to’ 1:52 How to use real conditionals 2:45 ‘Have something done’ 3:40 3 ways to use ‘if only’ 4:38 How to use ‘used to’ 5:39 ‘Make’ and ‘do’ – 4 things to remember 6:25 5 ways to use ‘hard’ 7:20 How to use ‘wish’ 8:15 5 ways to use ‘in’ with time expressions 9:14 A secret about collective nouns 10:08 3 ways to use ‘take off' 11:10 5 uses of ‘get’ 12:06 3 ways to use ‘pick up’ 13:43 3 facts about ‘the’ 14:36 4 slang words 15:35 The…, the….. 16:37 How to use the future continuous 17:40 ‘Journey’ and ‘trip’ 18:47 ‘The’ + adjectives 19:50 3 uses of ‘can’ 20:52 How to use the future perfect continuous 21:54 5 ways to use ‘dead’ 22:57 ‘4 ways to use ‘just’ 23:53 The 3rd conditional 24:56 ‘Because’, ‘as’, and ‘since 25:58 How to use the past perfect 27:03 Adverbs of frequency 28:03 How to use tag questions 29:06 ‘Few’ and ‘a few’ 30:04 ‘Hard’ vs. ‘hardly’ 31:07 ‘Their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ 32:08 When ‘tell’ doesn’t mean ‘tell’ 33:11 ‘At’, ‘in’ and ‘on’ for location 34:10 3 phrases with face 35:12 4 Ways to say ‘hello’ like a Brit 36:12 Inversion: ‘I will never’ or ‘never will I’? 37:14 5 uses of break 38:16 5 ways of using ‘run’ 39:08 6 ways to use ‘late’ 40:12 Comparatives to show progressions 41:11 American English vs. British English spelling 42:15 ‘Try’ + ‘-ing’ or ‘to’ + verb 43:15 The future in the past 44:08 Mixed conditionals 45:09 5 verbs followed by ‘-ing’ 46:11 4 uses of ‘quite’ 47:12 Modals of deduction 48:10 As… as comparatives 49:11 3 ways to use infinitives with ‘to’ 50:10 5 ways to use ‘let’ 51:09 4 uses of ‘fair’ 52:11 How to say ‘no’ politely (like a Brit) 53:08 Ways to say ‘sorry’ (part 1) 54:12 Ways to say ‘sorry’ (part 2: formal apologies) #bbclearningenglish #grammar #learnenglish
BOX SET: 55 English lessons in 55 minutes! Grammar & Vocabulary Mega-class!
English Fairy Tales

BOX SET: 55 English lessons in 55 minutes! Grammar & Vocabulary Mega-class!

The Lazy Girl in English | Story | @EnglishFairyTales @EnglishFairyTales/TheLazyGirl Parental Guidance: Some material of this video may not be suitable for children below 13 years of age. The Lazy Girl in English | Story | English Story | Fairy Tales in English | Bedtime Stories | Fairy Tales | English Stories | English Fairy Tales @LazyGirl 💙 Watch More Stories in English 💙 @EnglishFairyTales/lazygirl ► Lion And The Mouse : ► Red Shoes : ► Wolf And The Seven Little Goats : ► Little Red Riding Hood : ► Little Mermaid : ► Sun And The Moon : ► Golden Bird : ► Snow Queen : ► Elves And The Shoe Maker : ► Rumpelstiltskin : ► Little Match Girl : ► 12 Dancing Princess : ► King Midas Touch : ► Rapunzel : ► Wild Swans : ► Cinderella : ► White Snake : ► Three Little Pigs : Channel ------------------------------- #englishstory, #englishfairytales, #fairytales, #fairytalesinenglish, #bedtimestories, #englishstories, #storyinenglish, #story, #storiesinenglish, #englishfairytale, #fairytail, #english, #fairytalesstories Disclaimer ► The English Fairy Tales Channel and all of its videos are not “directed to children” within the meaning of Title 16 C.F.R. § 312.2 of CHILDREN'S ONLINE PRIVACY PROTECTION RULE (USA) are not intended for children under 13 years of age. English Fairy Tales CHANNEL and its owner(s), agents, representatives, and employees do not collect any information from children under 13 years of age and expressly deny permission to any third party seeking to collect information from children under 13 years of age on behalf of English Fairy Tales CHANNEL. Further, English Fairy Tales CHANNEL denies any and all liability or responsibility for the practices and policies of YouTube and its agents and subsidiaries, or any other affiliated third party, regarding data collection. @EnglishFairyTales
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