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5 ways to guide your students for a better future

Often as an institution, we think that preparing a child for the best future means ensuring the child has right potential energy to utilize when the need arises for them. Seldom we feel it is our responsibility to ensure the child is passed on to the best next institution for their higher studies.

This has to change, as rightly stressed by the NEP 2020 which stresses on the need to change our archaic schooling approach towards a more holistic life building approach. #RightToBetterFuture is what a child demands these days and as an important part of their growing years, it looks forward to their school for guidance to the best possible step or future for him.

'India will have the highest population of young people in the world in the next decade. And our ability as a nation to provide them with world class educational opportunities will decide our nation's future'- National Education Policy, #NEP2020 India. We believe, following are the few steps that a school can take to guide students better for their future.

  1. Making Students and Parents aware that help is available

More than often, it is see that right communication wins more than 50% of the battles. Many schools might have that eagerness to help students find better career options and they fall into the mindset of let the children approach us and we will try our best if they ask. This strategy of wait and watch often backfires as when students are not aware, most of the time they won't ask. Even if they want to approach, as they don't see a systematic and professional approach to their cause so they don't feel enough value to the counseling given by schools.

2. Appointing a dedicated staff member for the purpose of guidance

#NEP2020 has stressed on the need of trained counselors and their role of providing guidance to the students for various career options. Unless there is a dedicated department, or at least a dedicated member for this purpose, results are bound to be not so great.

3. Appointing experts of different fields for talks

Nothing rubs off more onto students as compared to real experience and talks shared by professionals who have seen and done it all. Inviting talks by accomplished professionals of various field like Engineering, Public Administration, Medicine, Research, Animation, Local Business, International Business amongst others will be best approach to #careercounselling

4. Guide students with destination information, SOP writing, Profile Building, VISA filing & on-shore hand-holding (for International Admission seekers)

International higher-education opens doors for better futures and helps our students to learn from International stage and bring the benefits back to our country. International alumni also add to the legacy and brand power of the school. Often than not, parents and students are bogged down by presumably lengthy and confusing process of #InternationalAdmissions. Here school (counselor) can pitch in by explaining the available hand holding services for profile building and International travel

5. Tie-up with a Global Schooling Education Consultancy

If your school feels that it's core area is somewhere else, then the work can also be left for professional agencies. e.g. 'Schobal' is a fast growing team of professionals with tie-ups help schools by providing services like tie-ups with Universities/Colleges across the globe for smooth admissions for students, training the in-school counselors and aiding them with all information for higher admissions.

Schobal organizes online and offline expert-talks. Best part of their services is that they are hassle-free as well as cost-free for schools. Led by Founder of Edvour Educational Tours that took students to all 7 continents, Schobal is another venture helping students getting best platform for #BetterFuture

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